1. Who all can attend this webinar
    • Promoters, CFOs, Financial decision makers of organizations.
  2. How do I register for Free Webinar? (“Investor Connect in trouble times.”)
    1. Step 1: Go to SSA website (specialsituation.in)
    2. Step 2: Click on the events
    3. Step 3: Click on the Webinar
    4. Step 4: Click on register on Webinar Page
    5. Step 5: Fill all required details
  3. What are the charges of webinar?
    a. The webinar is free of cost
    b. Investors connect and Sound Board services are chargeable on registration.
  4. Do we need to install any software in our system to join the webinars?
    • No, there is no requirement of downloading any software. The webinar would be web based. You are advised to use a standard web browser like Google Chrome for better experience and a stable internet connection.
  5. How do I register for SSA Investor Connect?
    • Step 1: Go to SSA website (specialsituation.in)
    • Step 2: Click on Services
    • Step 3: Click on SSA Funding & Advisory
    • Step 4: Click on the SSA Investor Connect
    • Step 5: Click on register for SSA Investor Connect
  1. How do I register for SSA Sounding Board?
    • Step 1: Go to SSA website (specialsituation.in)
    • Step 2: Click on Services
    • Step 3: Click on SSA Funding & Advisory
    • Step 4: Click on the SSA Sounding Board
    • Step 5: Click on register for SSA Sounding Board
  1. How is SSA Sounding Board different from SSA Investor Connect?
    • Ans. SSA Investor Connect is a platform for promoters to connect with the investors for funding. Whereas SSA Sounding Board is a discussion platform for promoters who already have come up with a potential solution but are seeking expert’s opinion and guidance.
  1. What is the process flow of SSA Sounding Board?
    • Step 1: Complete your Registration process
    • Step 2: Submit the detailed proposal with SSA
    • Step 3: SSA will Study the detailed proposal
    • Step 4: Allocation of slot for discussion with panel
    • Step 5: Recommendation on appropriate solution
  1. What is an Information Memorandum (IM)?
    • Information Memorandum captures information which is relevant for investors to understand about the promoter’s business operation, debt profile, legal status (if any), etc.
  2. What documents are required during process?
    • All loan and financial documents including viability study of the company needs to be submitted for due diligence by investors
  3. How does SSA ensure confidentiality of the information and documents shared during the process?
    • Documents will be shared only after receiving investor interest in a particular case. Before sharing the documents, NDA will be executed between investor and the promoter to ensure that information shared is used only for the purpose as stipulated in the NDA.
  4. What are the parameters considered by SSA to shortlist the cases?
    • The parameters may vary from business to business. But broadly the following aspects would be covered:
      a. Borrower’s repayment history
      b. Reason for stress
      c. Company financials
      d. Borrower’s willingness to revive the business
  5. Does SSA provide funding?
    • No, SSA is a financial advisory firm. We have developed a platform where promoters can connect with investors.
  6. How will RM assist Promoter in deal closure
    • RM will guide you through the entire process starting from preparation of IM to closure of deal
  7. Can this platform be used for selling physical assets?
    • No, currently this platform is developed to help the promoters to connect with investors.
  8. What is an ARC?
    • Asset Reconstruction Companies setup under SARFAESI Act, 2002 for taking over the NPA’s from the bank’s books and carry out appropriate recovery actions.
  9. Will there be only domestic investors on the SSA Investor Connect?
    • There will be domestic as well as international investors on the platform
  10. How do Investor register for the SSA Investor Connect?
    • Investors who are interested to participate in SSA Investor Conference please contact our team:

Ms. Simran Wadhwani – Associate
Investor Relations
Email – simran.wadhwani@specialsituation.in

Mobile – +91 99939 16195

Mr. Piyush Jain – Vice President
Investor Relations
Email – piyush.jain@specialsituation.in

Mobile – +91 88790 93790