Today we are seeing active transactions of Non Performing Loans (NPL) portfolio between Banks & ARCs. Banks sell their NPL to ARCs and thereby release the bank’s locked funds in such non performing accounts. ARCs resolve these NPLs by the way of restructuring, infusing additional capital or through the sale of assets.

However the NPL industry is quite complex and such transactions face many intricate challenges like:

• Liquidity needs of the restructured unit
• Perceived risk of shifting the decision making power from lenders to ARC
• Thorough understanding of the process of asset transfer to an ARC
• Valuation of NPAs which are subjected to inherent uncertainties and subjectiveness
• Complex decision making due to multiple/consortium lending

Over a course of time, in providing advisory services to Banks (sell-side advisory) and ARCs (buy-side advisory) for sale and purchase of NPL portfolios, Special Situation Advisors has developed good expertise and recognition in handling such complex issues successfully.

Apart from sell-side and buy-side advisory, Special Situation Advisors is offering following services to our esteemed clients:
1. Institutional Services
2. Financial Restructuring
3. Turnaround Advisory
4. Debt Advisory
5. Private Equity Funding
6. M & A Advisory
7. Real Estate Advisory