Turnaround Advisory

Implementation and execution are the hallmarks of successful business turn-around. We follow verdict and strategic planning with hands-on executive management participation & work arm in arm to get the job done. We can help them in following ways

  • Assessment of Company’s strength, weaknesses & opportunities by SWOT analysis
  • Analysize the stress situation by getting behind the issues involved
  • Establish cause-effect relationship
  • Dis-investing loss making businesses and assets
  • Strategic focus in Core business
  • JVs / Outsourcing tie-ups
  • Assess whether the business has capability to manage change
  • Prepare a restructuring plan
  • Stabilize and turnaround operation and financial position
  • Improved Operations & Cash flow
  • Plans to be implemented during Liquidity crunch
  • Recapitalisation in Companies with stressed balance sheets
  • Arranging fund from Private Equity funds

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