SSA Fundraising & Advisory Platform

SSA Fundraising & Advisory Platform

With hands on experience of Asset Reconstruction and advisory services in the distressed debt market, Special Situation Advisors (SSA) understands the need of the hour for the companies.

With the constraints in external environment, there is immense pressure on the promoters to manage the resources and keep the operations going in these uncertain times. Servicing of loans and meeting up working capital requirements will be most significant challenge for affected industries. In these times, it is of utmost importance to get the right guidance and timely funds to keep the unit viable.

SSA team has managed Non-Performing Loan (NPL) portfolio transactions on behalf of lenders of more than Rs. 87,000 Crs, where these NPLs were showcased to all the leading participants consisting of ARCs, funds and international investors. As a result of which the team has developed extensive credible relationships with the investors and a good understanding of their preferences.

Special Situation team consisting of professionals with more than 45 years of combined experience in ARC and Special Situation funds. With this expertise SSA has launched – “SSA Fundraising & Advisory Platform”. This online platform will help the companies in dealing with the challenges starting from right guidance on various strategies for resolution and getting additional funding from the investors.

Following services are available for promoters on SSA Fundraising & Advisory Platform:

  1. SSA Investor Connect – Direct access to domestic and global investors for fund raising.
  2. SSA Sounding Board – Direct access to experts for second opinion on solutions strategy

SSA Investor Connect

SSA Investor Connect

Raising funds for a financial stress company in distress assets space is substantially different proposition and challenging from that of other fund-raising endeavours. This difference is due to:

  • Investors: There are specialised investors who invest in distress assets space with combination of debt and equity. In India, Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) are the major players in this segment apart from few domestic and global funds. As a result, large number of transactions chase these few specialised investors. Most of these investors while evaluating a deal look for fully tied up resolution plan with lesser uncertainties. The challenge is to do a proper homework and present a well-thought-out detailed business plan addressing all the risks associated with respective mitigants.
  • Due Diligence Process: This is carried out in two stages, first is initial and second is detailed. There is some standard process followed by all investors in carrying out the due diligence. A good preparation can facilitate quick first level impression and prima facie view at the investor’s end. In the second stage it is important to satisfy all the important apprehensions of the investors and provide all the relevant information in the timely manner. It is also important to understand that at every stage either investor is moving towards or away from the successful transaction. Hence, this process must be managed in the best possible manner.
  • Lenders consent: Based on the investors comfort on the quantum and structure of investment, a broad resolution plan emerges which needs to be approved by lenders. Inability to convey the key assumptions along with the proper supporting justification can lead to a wrong impression at the lenders end which can derail the entire transaction. Since lenders follow institutional decision-making process, the discussion should preferably include all the important decision-making levels.


SSA investor connect is an ongoing series of events wherein the higher management of the financially stress companies can directly have access to multiple domestic and global investors.

Key features of platform

Coverage by largest investor audience both domestic and global.

Dedicated relationship manager.

Dedicated virtual conference room for holding discussions with interested investors.

Handholding and
guidance at each step of fund raising.

Transparent process
with regular updates.

Process flow

Benefits for Founders/CEO

Access to multiple investors on a single online platform

Dedicated Relationship Manager

SSA’ s support in preparing the Investor pitch

Coverage of global and domestic investors on one platform

Support in Marketing the case

Private online conference room for Investor Interaction

Hand holding at each step

Guidance from Industry experts

SSA Sounding Board

SSA Sounding Board

Sounding Board serves as a perfect discussion platform where promoters of stress companies can find credible guidance on all their way forward options in terms of solving the current crises. SSA Sounding Board consists of distress space veterans with hands on experience on resolution of stressed asset and special situation investing.

Services offered:

  1. Guidance on OTS Proposal
  2. Guidance on Restructuring Proposal
  3. Guidance on Fund Raising options
  4. Guidance on Managing Lender discussion and investor’s expectation management

Key Benefits of SSA Sounding Board

Experienced team

Holistic approach

Timely solution

SSA credibility

Valuable second opinion

Process flow