Real Estate

Indian real estate offer loads of opportunities for investors looking to invest their funds for capital appreciation and rental earnings in investment properties in India. We help clients minimize risk and develop viable strategic options regarding resources and assets to fit their organizational strategy. Our consulting exercise includes developing framework that positions real estate to accommodate changes in business needs, and create efficiency.

We assist our clients with long-run implementation of strategic real estate solutions. This includes strategic programming, strategic interpretation on all major property types, especially for institutional-level clients, identifying new business location, working out physical configurations and usage standards that will enable a client to operate at maximum efficiency. This business moves favour clients to meet the twin objectives of making quality property decisions and maximizing returns.

Our services where our clients seek strategic decisions rely heavily on technical expertise, market knowledge and analytical skills which also the areas where our services apply significantly :

  • Business location selection
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Merger and acquisition strategy
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Allocation and Investment Strategies
  • Real Estate / Asset-Type Allocation

India in the recent times has been acknowledged as one of the most favoured destination for real estate investments in Asia. The growing economy, infrastructure developments and liberal Government policies have been to a large extent responsible for the ongoing boom in the real estate sector; as the Indian realty sector is set to grow to $90 billion industry in the next eight years.

We specialise in providing a wide spectrum of solutions and services in various facets of Indian real estate business. Our highly motivated, committed, effective and efficient system is a best and yet a promising mixture of all the tools, techniques and human involvement – indeed a right mix to success, for the service providers as well as the investors.

We successfully cater to Indian and multinational companies, as well as high net worth individuals and individuals with significant assets; with the able management of transactions by highly qualified real estate advisors. We handle various types of property related transactions related to purchases, sales, joint ventures, investment services on behalf of our clients.

We also provide our clients with the current and projected property values for our clients; to facilitate informed decision making, with respect to mortgage /insurance transaction, acquisition, disposal, investments, debt equity funding, project financing and others. Our services while including good understanding of the local real estate market also offers comparative market analysis and valuation surveys delivered with neat precision.